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“I found myself totally absorbed...a book that will become a classic of its kind. I know of no more fascinating or better researched study of a ‘false messiah.’” From the Foreword by Colin Wilson

“An arresting narrative...sweeps the reader irresistibly into the story...Brother XII may or may not have died in Switzerland, but one thing is certain: he has never been more alive than in the pages of John Oliphant's biography...a mesmerizing book.” Books in Canada

Brother XII is a fascinating read.”
William Gibson, author of Neuromancer

“A tremendously exciting story of the religious mania in extreme form...Brother XII is a type who recurs throughout human history, and Oliphant provides not only a great horror tale but a warning as to how we can recognize such types and be armed against them. I heartily recommend this book.”
Robert Anton Wilson, author of The Illuminatus Trilogy

“Sex, sadism, black magic and mystery upon mystery. It sounds like the recipe for a Stephen King potboiler, and author John Oliphant has made the most of it. The difference is that Oliphant's Brother XII is a true story...a marvelous web of suspense and intrigue...riveting stuff.”
The Vancouver Sun

“Oliphant portrays an articulate man sincere in his belief of a New Age...a balanced, even sympathetic portrait of Edward Arthur Wilson.” The Globe and Mail

Brother XII provides an absorbing inside view of a complex and fascinating figure. The striking parallels to contemporary self-proclaimed agents of the Great White Brotherhood give this book a timeliness and importance that should bring it a wide audience.” Gnosis


Caricature of Brother XII by James Ferguson, The Financial Times, May 30/31, 1992.


caricature of Bother XII